Systematic reviews help food manufacturers, veterinarians and other animal health professionals understand the vast volume of scientific research. Originally used in human health, sociology, and education, our group has extensive and unique expertise in conducting systematic reviews in any area related to food, food production and animal. We have worked extensively in food safety, animal health and animal welfare. We have also numerous publications and video tutorials on how to conduct reviews.

We also provide a site for publication of review protocols. We know that currently there are few locations where reviewers working in feed and food reviews can publication reviews.

For decision makers, systematic reviews provide a transparent and comprehensive tool for incorporating scientific evidence into the decision-making process. There are many approaches to reviewing the literature including expert elicitation or narrative reviews. One of the major advantages of a systematic review is the provision of a transparent and comprehensive summary of the literature relevant to any particular question. Stakeholders value transparency in the decision-making process, and systematic reviews address this need.

Systematic reviews are well suited for questions about interventions such as vaccines or antibiotic protocols, questions about the sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic tests, questions about the prevalence of a population characteristic, and understanding the magnitude of the association between an exposure and disease occurrence.

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