Annette O’Connor

Dr. O’Connor is an epidemiologist who works in the area of research synthesis. Dr O’Connor (with colleagues) has been instrumental in introducing the use of systematic review methods into livestock diseases, food-borne pathogens of animal proteins and veterinary public health. Dr. O’Connor was been funded for this work by groups such as USDA, the National Pork Board and the European Union Food Safety Authority. Topics evaluated include pre-harvest food safety interventions, post harvest interventions, zoonotic pathogens, diagnostic tests for assessment of unconsciousness and detection of zoonotic pathogens in pets and the impact of proximity to confined animal operations on community public health. Dr. O’Connor is a principle author on the REFLECT statement (a statement like the CONSORT statement, but specifically relating to livestock trials). Dr. O’Connor is currently involved in developing a modification of the STROBE statement for animal populations. Many of the research synthesis techniques developed in human health are readily translatable to animal populations, and vice versa. The major issue between the two populations is the extent of clustering in the primary research in animals populations, which often exceeds that encountered in clinical medicine, and is more reminiscent of the clustering encountered in education research or public health.